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20/20 Filmsight - Film Criticism by David O'Connell

Film Criticism by David O'Connell

Star Wars Galaxy Map

November 26th 2007 03:24
Star Wars Galaxy Map
George Lucas may have come up with the Star Wars Universe, but time and time again, it's being shown that the true depth of the sci-fi series comes from the adulation and love of the fans.

An excellent case in point: Lucas' scripts make mention of systems and planets that sound pretty snazzy in a script: Coruscant, Tatooine, Corellia, Alderaan. But where the hell are these places?

A fan-made map of the Star Wars Galaxy is available for your hitchhiking though a non-existent galaxy. You can peer into it and wonder how many incredible movies, books, video games and comics are waiting to be made. I know I do.

I found this on /Film, a great little film blog that appeals to the film lover and the brutish geek inside all of us. Well, ok, just in me and the other geeks.

From the post:

"I would love to be able to purchase this sucker in poster form. You know, LucasFilm should hire us to create new product ideas (not like they need even more products…). A few weeks ago we ran a story on a poster which included the complete Star Wars saga. It’s another great example of something that, for some reason or another, George Lucas has yet to create for sell-able purposes, yet would sell incredibly well to fanboys."

The post also provides a link to the real deal: this image is from Star Wars Insider and you can go to their site and get a high-res, detailed map, with cool little notes.

Click here to see the detailed Star Wars Galaxy Map!

Update: The image on slashfilm goes up and down, so I've put it here on 20/20 Filmsight: Click here to see the large, detailed version of the Star Wars Galaxy Map!

Sure, you might think that this is a big waste of time, but I see brilliance behind it. It's a magnificent testament, as substantial as a statue or a painting, to the infinite creativity of the human imagination. We need dreams like this, we need to imagine galaxies like this, where we can invent stories and be spellbound by something that is merely an idea. It's intangible, but almost made real by enough people wishing for it.

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20 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by jon

November 26th 2007 03:27
Looks like the second link is not working any more

Comment by jon

November 26th 2007 03:28
Acutally -- you just need to take the 2 off the end of the image file name.

Comment by Cibbuano

November 26th 2007 03:44
really? The link works for me... odd...

I don't see a '2' on the image file name:

Really Long Link

Comment by KylieW

November 26th 2007 06:29
Very cool indeed. Well, cool in a very geeky way!

Comment by Stanley

November 26th 2007 06:41
i have this as my laptop wallpaper. hmm that might explain why i can't get any action from the ladies.

Comment by Mark Isaacson

November 26th 2007 07:06
I used to have that poster. It came with the old Star Wars magazines from a few years back. Very nicely detailed, though it became outdated quickly what with Episode III and all the novels since.

Comment by Lilla

November 26th 2007 09:48

I couldn't 'link' to the map pic either... it said FORBIDDEN, I didn't have permission to be in that part of the Galaxy at all

Lilla ...

Comment by jon

November 26th 2007 10:03
I fixed the link -- again. I wish they would make up their mind!

Comment by Lilla

November 26th 2007 22:25
Still can't get through this morning on this link?

Comment by Cibbuano

November 26th 2007 22:47
I've uploaded the image on Orble and put a link in the post. Try the post in the Update.

Comment by Lilla

November 27th 2007 05:19

Comment by JohnDoe

November 30th 2007 23:37
Thats brillinat Cib,
Thanks for posting I can start planning my next vacation to a Galaxy Far Far Away....

Comment by Cibbuano

December 2nd 2007 21:24
lilla, glad you liked it. Fanboys do some good quality work, don't they?

JD, So many planets to choose from!

Comment by Stefan Hayden

March 25th 2008 15:21
this map makes me wonder what the Drake Equation would be for the Star Wars universe?

Comment by Cibbuano

March 25th 2008 20:16
stefan, interesting point... someone want to do that calculation?

Comment by Anonymous

November 8th 2008 21:56
A bit random but, what about George Lucas make Star wars Movies out of games. like KOTOR or something like that?

Comment by Jordan Mathews

February 7th 2009 03:02
I have that map! When I was little my brother bought me a star wars magazine, and the map was folded inside. At least, it was similar to it. Some of the planets weren't there before(ex. Zenoma Sekot-Probably because it was in a recent novel).

Comment by Anonymous

June 17th 2010 00:48
Whoever made this is lazy. The Galactic Empire had more than 4 planets. To say the Huts had more than the Empire....really. n00b. Get a clue, and to not designate anything in the far side of the galaxy other than unknown. Really? Get a clue uber n00b.

Comment by valdezlopez

October 16th 2010 15:01
Nerd alert.

I can't seem to find Osus, one of the worlds in the Expanded Universe material.

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