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20/20 Filmsight - Film Criticism by David O'Connell

Film Criticism by David O'Connell

Senator Obama is The Riddler

February 12th 2007 02:47
I'm all for voting in a black President into the Oval Office. I've got tingles just thinking about it, and I'm sure a lot of other people in the world - not only Americans, or even just the African-Americans - are gleefully looking forward to this next election in the United States of Uh-merica.

Edit: I wouldn't vote for Obama solely because he's black, though. I think he's an excellent candidate, one that embraces the ideals of an American president, one who strives for excellence. If Marion Berry ran, I'd be skeptical!

But something just doesn't sit right with Mr. Obama.

I mean, allegations about radical Islam and his nebulous past aside. Political parties are so aroused just thinking about smear campaigns, but it seems that the voting public cares less and less about a candidate's past.

In Obama's case, though, there's something fairly nefarious going on. Let's look at a typical picture:

Senator Obama passport photo

See? Nice, eh?

Clean-cut. Winning smile. Non-confrontational hair, though just a little 'fro enough to still be a brother. You could almost see him nodding amusingly to the beat at the back of a Parliament concert.

Nice tie. Acceptable nose. He even looks 'articulate', ha ha.

Now let's - just for argument's sake, mind you - throw him into Illustrator and vector art-ize his face:

Senator Obama drawn in lines

Still nothing threatening. In fact, he looks even more 'articulate', if that's possible, due to the lightening of colour. Still every inch a Presidential candidate, though one that could possible star in an X-Men comic.

To really penetrate his clever disguise, we need to reverse engineer his diabolical scheme. We need to ADD the mask and costume for the real horror to manifest:

Senator Obama with a mask and Riddler costume

Uh huh!

Senator Barack Hussein Obama is the alter ego of the arch-villain known as The Riddler.

To my friends at the FBI, if you search in Mr. Obama's garage (with your new-found privacy-blind powers), you will find the Riddlermobile, with the remains of John Gotti and the alien autopsy results from Area 51.

With the retirement of Batman, Obama has been free to wreak havoc across the country, committing heinous criminal acts and tormenting his victims with riddles that vary in difficulty from Sudoku level, right up to the final question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

From this assertion, it's fairly easy to extrapolate to Obama's final vision as he claims the Presidency:

Barack Obama as the Riddler dancing on the Flag

To conclude, a quote from Senator Obama that was totally fabricated by me: 'Veni vidi vici...and all that shit!'

Update: I submitted this article to BoingBoing and got a mention.

It was further linked to on MyDD - Direct Democracy

* image of Senator Obama was taken from My Apologetics and is used for parody purposes. The image of The Riddler was taken from the Wikipedia entry.

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9 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Adrian

February 12th 2007 03:20
Does Obama look like the Riddler?

Or does he look like YOU?

Layers and layers of the onion...

Neat post, Cibby. Was the Illustrator stuff your own handiwork?

Comment by Cibbuano

February 12th 2007 03:31
yeah, Adrian, I whipped it up in Illustrator. I saw the picture and went 'Wait a minnit...'

It's pretty crude, but I snapped it off in 40 minutes. Don't let me get my hands of a picture of you...

Comment by Damo

February 12th 2007 03:49
So it is Obama Day at Orble.
He must be flattered.

Comment by KylieW

February 13th 2007 02:08
Nice work. Put that mask on his face and it's so obvious that he's the joker. It's a nice disguise he's got going on there as a clean cut politician

Comment by JohnDoe

February 13th 2007 06:46
Good one Cib,

On The Colbert Report last nite their was a black activist claiming Obama can not be labelled "Black" in the American context because he is not decended from slaves???

Not sure why I told you that, but it was bloody entertaining to watch.

Comment by Cibbuano

February 13th 2007 22:17
that's pretty rough... making slavery a pre-req for being black...

Comment by Anonymous

June 26th 2007 23:00
What is this article doing on

Comment by Cibbuano

June 21st 2009 21:59

Comment by Mountain Fog

June 22nd 2009 08:26
Hi Cibby,

I, like many others, taped the swearing in ceremony, cried and whooped and hoped, just maybe, the big nasty 'beast' manipulating US politics had been put away for good.

One can only hope, and if not, let us hope Obama is really a super hero, cos' he's gonna need it!



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