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20/20 Filmsight - Film Criticism by David O'Connell

Film Criticism by David O'Connell

Emanuelle Around the World

October 16th 2008 21:48
Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals

Filthy Fridays presents: "Emanuelle Around the World", a DVD release of the series' most notorious edition, featuring salacious group sex, humiliation and the suggestion of forced intercourse with a dog.

It's softcore erotica - a film that strives, not to be lauded by critics for its cinematic merits, but, instead, to titillate and arouse the desires of lusty audiences.

The main reason to watch this film is to be awestruck by the leading actress, Laura Gemser, who, in my opinion, might be one of the most physically attractive actresses in history. With her proud, elegant features and her delightfully dark Indonesian skin, Gemser is a ravishing delight on screen... she certainly fills her role for Filthy Fridays, a celebration of all the truly human desires and instincts.

As a vehicle for entertainment and erotic value, "Emanuelle Around the World" falls short on some terms; the movie is slow - not that it strives to be languid and sensual as it stretches, reclining in a sheer, silky dress. No, the film is actually boring at times, though I appreciate the effort made by the producers to carve Emanuelle into a complex, intelligent character.

All boredom is thrown aside, however, when Gemser confidently disrobes, proudly standing nude, as if the idea of clothing was vulgar. She's so comfortable in her own skin that the film seems to be a natural description of our world, where Gemser, upon stumbling on an orgy, immediately steps out of her dress and lowers herself onto the softening member of a struggling man.

In fact, Gemser is so breaktaking that the plot of the movie quickly seems to lose itself in the many arms and legs of the orgy. Following the story seems a great less important than staring at that perfectly formed body, mouth agape, pulse quickening. "Emanuelle Around the World" has a well-loved space in my DVD collection, within arms reach on a grim Sunday afternoon, in need of celebration of the human form.

Emanuelle Around the World DVD box art
Acknowledgement: This film was screened on the widescreen glory of the 42LG70YD, the latest LCD television from LG.

"Emanuelle Around the World" is a DVD release from Umbrella Entertainment, available in Australia!

I say: Fans of sexploitation must have this in their collection, as the film was considered quite provocative when it came out. It's rather tame for our tastes now, I think, but Gemser's beauty is perfectly captured on DVD.

See it for: The glory days of soft focus.

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4 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Bryn

October 17th 2008 06:27
Ahhhhh, Laura ....
I have in my collection the most notorious of the Italian Emanuelle series (not to be confused with the French Emmanuelle series) ... Emanuelle in America. I have yet to review it ... It features hardcore sex, hardcore torture, and a horse named Pedro.
Joe D'Amato made some truly inspired sleeeeeeeze.
I must say when I saw this title in the Orble hit parade I raised my eyebrows, then when I saw you'd reviewed it I was quite impressed.

Comment by Cibbuano

October 17th 2008 20:47
Ah, Laura... it's one of the few times that I've actually been stunned by an actress' raw physical form... the other time would be in "Malena", when Monica Belluci spends some time with that lemon...

hey, hey - "Emanuelle in America"... did you review it?

thanks for the vote of confidence - I hope to review more sleaze and bawdy humour.

Comment by Damo

October 17th 2008 20:49
Is she single?
She looks like a honey.

Comment by Bryn

October 18th 2008 02:06
Cibby, yet to review it ... will look to do it very soon. I haven't seen Malena yet, I want to see the unrated version (the version that played down under was the American R-rated cut) ... But the unrated DVD costs a bomb.

Damo, not sure Laura would look quite the honey as she did back in '77 or so ...

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